When it comes to finding luxury features that make a world of difference, the Lincoln brand certainly has many across its lineup from its sedans to its SUVs. One is quiet ride technology, which is a host of different mechanisms that work to give you the ideal ride you've been looking for with serene cabin noise and much more.

You're going to find that every Lincoln is built with an acoustic underbody, along with an acoustic windshield and other features like wheel liners, and 20-inch tires that have a built-in ring to absorb noise from the road and help you have a quiet ride. Additionally, microphones are used to pick up sounds you don't want to hear and will send contrasting audio so you can have it canceled out and not hear the outside distraction.

All these sound-cancelling technology features add to the overall appeal of the luxurious, comfortable and spacious interiors of the Lincoln lineup, giving you the chance to truly enjoy every time you're behind the wheel, and so too will your passengers enjoy riding in your Lincoln. If you'd like to discover all the details regarding quiet ride technology and other features on Lincoln vehicles, contact us and we'd be happy to arrange a time to meet and help you discover which one of our models suits your needs at Springfield Lincoln today serving the Wilmington, Chester and greater Philadelphia areas!

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